Christmas in Poland

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With high hopes to post this much sooner after our Christmas vacation. I am excited to write about our family trip to Warsaw, Poland. First let me say, I felt very at home here, even with my Swedish roots. The look and feel of the city during the Christmas season felt very much at home. I very much miss this feeling living and working in China. The weather here this time of year was very cold. So, dress warm and bring a good hat during this time of year, gloves too. We used Air B&B for this trip, our second time using them. We had a great small apartment just a couple blocks from Old Town. Perfect, close to everything. We had two goals for this trip, one to go see the Zdzisław Beksiński museum in Czestochowa. The other to go see Auschwitz. Both were all day trips to and from Warsaw. For the Beksiński  museum, we rode the train to Czestochowa and back. Other than the museum, there is not much there. Small town, there was a Christmas village with hand made items, meats, and local cheese for sale. We of course enjoyed it all! And, of course you must try the mulled wine. The day trip to Auschwitz and back was a long day with driving, and tour times. This was very sobering to see and be a part of. Our kids were with us too, and some topics were hard for my son. But, I am very glad and honored that my kids were there to see this place, and hopefully will understand even more the significance of this place. The rest of our time spent in Warsaw, enjoying the cold, Christmas atmosphere and village, great foot, and mulled wine. I cannot say enough how much we enjoyed our time in Warsaw. As we boarded the plane to go home, we said lets come back sometime. Equipment on this trip: Nikon D750, Nikon DfAF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 EDAF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 G ED, iPhone 7 Plus with SuperPhoto App.

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