Nikon F2H Tattoo

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So, I went back for another tattoo. The shop is called QG Tattoo, here in Chengdu. And they are located very close to the Renaissance hotel. Just up, and in back. My artist was Liu Nuo again, and my design was an old Nikon F2H. She sent me a sketch a bit later. Just what I wanted! Again, glad to see the cleanliness of this place, and her work station. Great care to wash hands, use soap, wrap the things in plastic, and rubber gloves. Once we got started with the actual tattoo, it was about 3 hours of work. I’m very happy with it, and already thinking of the next one. Great work Liu Nuo, great shop QG Tattoo. Images with Nikon D750 and iPhone 7 Plus

PS: No the Harley is not mine, but I miss mine very much!




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