Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

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Being a longtime photographer in past years for the Great Wall China Marathon. We were here for the first running of the Honghe Hani Rice Terraces Marathon. The Honghe Hani Rice Terraces drape down the slopes of the Ailao Mountains to the Hong River. For over 1,300 years the local Hani people developed a complex terraced irrigation system to grow red rice. Getting here is not easy as there are no trains, or airports anywhere nearby. We flew from Chengdu, to Kunming. From there was another 6 hour drive through narrow, and winding roads. Most of which are a danger to pass other slower cars and truck. Once there, you can see the beauty and untouched lands of this very remote China location. The boarders of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar are not far from here too. Was only here for two nights, but came loaded with gear for the race. Brought the D810, D750, and Df bodies. With Nikkor 14-24mm, 24-120mm, and the new 200-500mm. For the new 200-500mm lens I also used a monopod to help support its weight, and obtain sharper images. Just shot this lens wide open at f5.6 all day long! I love the shot of the 3 local girls in their traditional dress. And, one looking at her phone out here in the middle of nowhere.

RiceMarathon - 2 RiceMarathon - 4 RiceMarathon - 3

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